We offer charter flights, VIP and executive flights, scheduled flights, aircraft maintenance, cargo flights and medical evacuation services.

Charter Flights

At Freedom Air, we understand the importance of time in business. Our Air Charter services are designed to give you the ultimate convenience and reliability, to enable you improve your productivity. We believe that traveling shouldn’t affect your business and therefore we have made it easier for you to secure your travel within a few minutes.

So, whether you are a corporate planner trying to get business executives from one part of Kenyan to another, fast and safe, or a businessman trying to move from one corner of the country another, Freedom Airline is your best choice. Freedom Airline, gives you the flexibility to plan, schedule and travel at your own convenience.

VIP/Executive Flights

Freedom Air is the region’s preferred VIP travel partner for many organizations including governments. We offer reliable and exclusively VIP Air charter services for high-ranking individuals including Presidents, Prime Ministers and Celebrities.

Our VIP travel is designed to give you exclusivity, security and reliability. We give you flexibility that allows you to be in control of your itinerary; giving you the power to make your travel decisions promptly and easily.

Scheduled Flights

We provide scheduled air services to tens of destinations across Africa. Freedom Airline is currently flying various unexplored destinations in East, Central the Horn of Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Djibouti.

We are also the preferred airline for local flights to Mandera, Wajir, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Ukunda at the Kenyan coast.

Aircraft Maintenance

At Freedom Airline, we have invested heavily in building robust engineering team for in-house maintenance of all our fleet.

Our team of experienced engineers are capable of administering all maintenance services. All our engineers are certified and accredited by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and are authorized to provide aircraft maintenance services for other airlines.

Cargo flights

We offer reliable air cargo charter brokerage services to all destinations around the word. Our sheer size, robust infrastructure and experience in air freight services gives us competitive edge in the East African market and the continent at large.

We have a broad range of cargo planes, from small jets for quick deliveries to freighters for heavy loads. We also provide courier services.

Medical Evacuation

Whether responding to life-threatening emergency calls or requests for patient transfers, Freedom Airline offers highly responsive air ambulance services.
We enable you travel for medical reasons, fully equipped with a medical team that is ready to serve you. We also transport highly sensitive items like body organs.

Working in partnership with leading hospitals and referral centres, our aircrafts are fully to handle any kind of emergency in any location.